The Cat Lady

"The Cat Lady is a new, critically acclaimed horror adventure game by designer R. Michalski (Author of Downfall, 2009). A gripping story, pumping soundtrack, high-resolution artwork and voice acting will engross you on your journey through the strange and often terrifying world of The Cat Lady."
- Official Site

"The Cat Lady from Harvester Games removes yet another layer of metaphor. Susan Ashworth, the game's protagonist, begins the game as a suicide survivor who must come face-to-face with her mortality. Her quest is not one of survival — Susan is granted immortality at the game’s beginning so she can’t die — but of rebuilding.

Her quest takes place in the real world, not the prison of her mind. Rather than succumbing to the horrors of her own psyche, she is rediscovering the value of life through the process of making her world a better place, and helping others like her work through and survive traumatic ordeals."
- Patrick Lindsay, for Polygon