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advocacy, resources and support for
mental health in the gaming community

How does playing video games make you feel?

Do you play for escape?

Have you ever played games that immersed you so deeply that you came away thinking and feeling differently about life?

We believe that gaming can foster health and wellbeing,
enhance social connectedness and help you flourish through
challenge, immersion and flow.

Apart from the boring disclaimer stuff it is broadly categorised into three sections.

Serious Games

Games which have specifically been created for, or about, mental health issues. Or both! Categorised by condition to help visitors find the most relevant games.

The Vault

This is a huge collection of user submitted games which people have felt helped them during difficult times. Our survey got >1000 responses so there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Categorised by condition and platform.

Character Psychology

Articles related to infamous video game heroes (and villains) and what may have been going on for them from a psychological point of view. Make sure you submit your theories too!