Actual Sunlight

"A Short Interactive Story About Love, Depression and the Corporation."
- Official Site

"The adventure game Actual Sunlight deals with major depressive disorder, but not in a way that leverages the disease as a gimmick. Protagonist Evan Winters is A Depressed Person, yes, but he is also An Employee and A Son and A Tenant, and playing through the game is really a process of stepping back far enough to see how all of these tiles fit together to form the mosaic that is his daily life. That the majority of Evans’ interactions and thought processes are influenced by his depression is simply an acknowledgement of how pervasive and oppressive the disease is to those who suffer from it."
- Patrick Lindsay, for Polygon

Actual Sunlight depicts the sense of hopelessness that drives a person to suicide, and because it’s presented from a first-person narrative, it only comprehends that hopelessness, and dismisses any possibility for things to get better. And that’s a lie. A lie necessary for this story to be so well told, but a lie depression tells a depressed person.
- John Walker, for Rock Paper Shotgun