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"So many messages can be communicated in gameworlds, through a variety of game design techniques such as choice-based interaction & narrative. I think there is a massive opportunity not to just explicitly provide mental health resources within gaming communities, but also develop meaningful games with supportive messaging & gameplay built right in." 
- @jatosha


Mindfulness is being aware of what is going on in your body, environment, and mind, at any one time.

Once you start practising how to be fully aware of all this, you can do it any time and for any length of time, even if you’re at work, or in social company. Mindfulness like this can allow you to be more relaxed, more self-aware, and more conscientious.

There are plenty of resources available on mindfulness. I recommend starting here:


"No amount of brain power will change what has occurred. Learn, accept, move on. There is always other things which can be done to move forwards."

As the Great Queen Elsa said:

“I’m never going back, the past is in the past. Let it go. Let it go. Can’t hold it back any more.”

We have all done things we regret, and we all reminisce about things we would do differently were we given a second chance. Unfortunately for us, unless you are Marty McFly that is very silly unless it’s to plan ahead for the future.

Identify something you constantly think about, and make a list of all the positive outcomes of that thing not having happened the way you would’ve liked.

Then read that list every day and let yourself let that event go.


Chances are, you’ve been the victim of discrimination at some point. If you’re not a cis-gendered white male, then this is almost certainly going to be the case. Why sit back and let the haters hate? Join a support group – even if the discrimination doesn’t stop, having a family who look after and understand each other can be the best thing in the world. Why not try:


Gay Gamer

Dames Making Games

The Able Gamers

Special Effect

WIDGET (Women In Development (Games & Everything Tech))

G4TE (Mature Gamers)


Why not? It's the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people, and it can be offline or online. If you struggle to find social partners in your area of the world, there is undoubtedly someone else in the same situation nearby. You could meet a friend for life. Clubs are also great for social support networks, for getting you out of the house at scheduled times, broadening your skillset, and increasing your life satisfaction by leading a more fulfillng personal life.

Ideas for clubs include:

  • Book club
  • Sports club (Rubbish at sport? Me too. Why not try these less well known types of sporting club: Frisbee, Martial Arts, Spinning, Yoga, Meditation, Fencing, Archery)
  • Women’s club
  • Music club
  • Gaming guild
  • Magic The Gathering
  • D&D
  • An appreciation society for something
  • Something on
  • Dancing class
  • Ex-Pats (if you live in another country)

About Pixel

Prescription Pixel is an initiative to provide a space for people who enjoy gaming to learn and talk about mental health.

We believe that video games can be therapeutic for mental wellness, and we support clinical research into this area. On the site you can find gaming and non-gaming based resources for all sorts of emotional and psychological experiences.


In addition, we acknowledge that online gaming addiction can be a serious condition. If you think you may be addicted to online gaming, you will find helpful resources here.

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A selection of quick and easily accessible ideas you can use at any time. The idea is to do at least one of them every day for two weeks, and see if you feel better. Give it a try - what do you have to lose?

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Prescription Pixel is entirely populated by user suggestions. Your ideas can help each other to find new games, and sharing your experiences can be cathartic.

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The development process can be a real challenge. Prescription Pixel has put together a site to make that process just a little bit easier. With tips, links, resources and support, you can keep going.

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