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"I think helping people connect in a space dedicated to the topic of mental health could help gamers get the support they need without the fear of rejection."
- Price, Stumpt Gamers

About Pixel

Prescription Pixel is an initiative to provide a space for people who enjoy gaming to learn and talk about mental health.

We believe that video games can be therapeutic for mental wellness, and we support clinical research into this area. On the site you can find gaming and non-gaming based resources for all sorts of emotional and psychological experiences.


In addition, we acknowledge that online gaming addiction can be a serious condition. If you think you may be addicted to online gaming, you will find helpful resources here.

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Self-Help Resources

The most difficult part of having a mental health issue is arguably admitting you have it, and the next is finding help. Here are some easily accessible resources which you may find useful.

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Reach Out

Prescription Pixel is entirely populated by user suggestions. Your ideas can help each other to find new games, and sharing your experiences can be cathartic.

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Developers' Support Site

Sharing your experiences can be both cathartic and helpful to others who are going through the same thing. These brave gamers, developers and journalists speak out about mental health - and you can too.

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