Why Gamers?

Studies now recognise gamers as being at increased risk of mental health problems compared to the general population, and "online gaming addiction" has recently been added to the Worldwide Psychiatry Guidelines (the DSM-V) as an official clinical diagnosis.


"The games that have been the most helpful for me are games where there is a clear long-term goal that I can make progress towards every day. Even if it is just a little bit, that is useful to make me feel like I am working towards a better life for myself."Anon

Prescription Pixel is a much needed initiative to provide a space for people who enjoy gaming to learn and talk about mental health.


Why Games?

We believe that video games can be therapeutic for mental wellness, and we support clinical research into this area. On the site you can find gaming and non-gaming based resources for all sorts of emotional and psychological experiences.


"It takes me out of my world and my situations, and places me temporarily in another world. It allows the problems to simmer down, and then when I finish, I can have a much stronger chance of looking at the problems more unattached, so to speak."Anon


In addition, we acknowledge that online gaming addiction can be a serious condition. If you think you may be addicted to online gaming, you will find helpful resources here.

As a new diagnosis, online gaming addiction is still very difficult to diagnose and doesn't yet have specific criteria. Fortunately, help is emerging in the form of specialists and clinics specifically to address this issue. We will stay up to date with the latest research and developments in diagnosing and treating online gaming addiction.


Mental Health Information

What is mental health? How does it feel to have a mental health diagnosis? Clinically verified information about a variety of conditions anybody might experience.

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Reach Out

Prescription Pixel is entirely populated by user suggestions. Your ideas can help each other to find new games, and sharing your experiences can be cathartic.

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Developers' Support Site

The development process can be a real challenge. Prescription Pixel has put together a site to make that process just a little bit easier. With tips, links, resources and support, you can keep going.

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