Mental Health

What's It All About, Alfie?

“Are you okay?”

We hear this simple phrase all the time. I would hazard a guess you've either heard or said it in the last week. Maybe even the last day. There's such an emphasis in the world on being okay that we frequently feel the need to assure one another that everything is fine.

But what if the answer was no? Is it not okay, to not be okay?

Where do you go when you need help for a problem you're not allowed or afraid to admit that you have?

Mental wellbeing may be the most misunderstood and neglected form of healthcare. For us, as gamers, developers, and patrons of the gaming world, these issues are even more prevalent.

"I do think that there is a need to mix mental health and gaming. Leaving aside the fact that in general I think that there needs to be more information out there about mental health I think that the interactivity provided by games makes the lessons taught by mental health games embed themselves more strongly into people’s memories. Reading a pamphlet about depression is all well and good but it doesn't have the same impact that playing a game about depression does and so the knowledge doesn't really stick around."Michael, @prometheus110

Fortunately, for the first time, there is a lot of incredibly important movement beginning to emerge in the intersection between games and psychaitry.

Here you can learn about the wide range of mental health problems that anyone can suffer at any point in their life. They are so common in fact, that a third of people will experience clinical anxiety or depression at some time.

It is okay to talk about this. It is okay to learn about this. Never be scared to reach out for help.


Developers' Support Site

The development process can be a real challenge. Prescription Pixel has put together a site to make that process just a little bit easier. With tips, links, resources and support, you can keep going.

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Reach Out

Prescription Pixel is entirely populated by user suggestions. Your ideas can help each other to find new games, and sharing your experiences can be cathartic.

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Gaming and Mental Wellness

Not only are games becoming a new way of expressing our experiences, they are also a valuable therapeutic tool. Find a game that can help through a tough time.

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